That Man Is You—TMIY 

Begins Wednesday, September 6, 2017 — 6:00am to 7:30am. Then continues weekly on Wednesday mornings at the St. Matthew Parish Center Library until December 6th. Breakfast is included and a free will donation will be appreciated.

Register for this free program online at or contact Tom Hynes at the Parish Center 715-842-3148 or

St. Matthew Altar Servers

Calling all children who have received their First Holy Communion to become Altar Servers.

 Saint John Paul II  address the Altar Server,  Your commitment to the altar is not only a duty, but a great honor, a genuine holy service.  In connection with this service, I wish to propose some reflections to you.  You are much more than simple “helpers of the parish priest.”  Above all, you are servers of Jesus Christ, of the eternal High Priest.  Thus, you, altar servers, are called in particular to be young friends of Jesus.  Be determined to go deeper and to cultivate this friendship with him.  You will discover that in Jesus you have found a true friend for life.  “you are the light of the world.”  Your service cannot be limited to the inside of a church.  It must shine in everyday life: in school, in the family, and in different realms of society.  Because, whoever whishes to serve Jesus Christ inside a church must be his witness everywhere.  Thank you Altar Servers!! 

Training will be provided and you may give preference on the Mass time you would like to serve at.

If you would like your child to be trained or for a refresher please call Janet at the Parish Center 715 842-3148.